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12 May 2013

The Collapsed (2011)

 Nederlands HierSummary
In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive against insurmountable odds. Their goal: escaping the city and traveling to the rural community they once called home, Dover’s Bend. The constant threat of a violent death forcing them to stay as far away from civilization as possible, they take to the forest, soon to discover the danger posed by other survivors may be the least of their worries. 

Genre : Horror/SF
: Canada

Cast :
John Fantasia : Scott Weaver
Steve Vieira : Aaron Weaver
Anna Ross : Rebecca Weaver

Director :
Justin McConell

My opinion

I had a sleepless night, so I thought, lets watch a movie my wife certainly doesn’t want to see It would have been better if I stayed in bed. There’s a beginning and an end, and that’s it. Just one absurd moment in the movie I want to share : four members of a family are on the run for “I don’t know whatbecause “I don’t know what has happened to the world. Anxiously they are running and stumbling through the woods. And then the daughter needs 10 minutes privacy TO SHAVE HER LEGS … Go figure !

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A worthless shitty movie of the year!

My rating 0/10
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