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A college girl goes to a small town named Riddle, only to find her missing younger brother.. Riddle

Genre : Thriller
Country : USA

Cast :
Elisabeth Harnois : Holly Teller
Val Kilmer : Sheriff Richards
Diora Baird : Amber Richards

Director :
John Hartman,Nicholas Mross

My opinion

The beginning was promising, but it evolved in a dull, enormously predictable film. Indeed a scenario that most likely is written on a short night. But what bothered me the most was the terrible bad acting. From one moment on Holly went from a girl who resigned to her fate into a redeeming angel just by seeing a shadow and a pair of shoes. The 2 cool hunks who cause it all suddenly become the helping henchmen. And although they lived in that godforsaken place all their lives, they also believed in her story and had no idea that her brother possibly lived there.


Add to it an implausible idea of a psychiatric institution set on fire by the locals, the course of an adoption and you know how it turns out. Ultimately there’s no explanation and  before you know it, the film has ended. By the way, I didn’t know that Val Kilmer was so desperate to participate in such a crap movie!

I don’t know if there can be a worse movie… I’m afraid there isn’t

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