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  1. Well, I loved the film too, but felt there were a few plot holes. For example, if Daniels was a patient, when was he released into the mainland again? Is it mentioned in the film?

    Also, here's my review of the same:

  2. I can't remember them saying exactly when Daniels was released, but as I understood it, they released him and played this whole thing to make him believe that he is that detective and try to get him ealising that he's in fact a patient that murdered his insane wife after she murdered their children. The ending is the moment that he realises that but knows he can't live with the pain and agony, so he pretends he still thinks he's the detective and so the experiment fails and he gets a lobotomy. That's how I understood it. And you can find on this website the same explanation almost : http://screenrant.com/shutter-island-spoilers-discussion-vic-46052/
    Great review by the way that follows mine in rough lines 🙂

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