Sofia (2012)

Genre : Action/Thriller

Cast :
Christian Slater : Robert
Donald Sutherland : Ambassador Ashdown
Elika Portnoy : Vicky

Director :
Isaac Florentine

Alternative title : Assassin’s Bullet

Field Agent Robert Diggs walked away from his career in the FBI and accepted the position of Cultural Attaché in Sofia, Bulgaria for one reason: to escape the memories of his wife’s death for which he blames himself. However, when an unknown vigilante begins killing high-priority terrorists from America’s Most Wanted list, the FBI and CIA request he takes on the case.

My opinion

Slater and Sutherland in the same movie that couldn’t be bad.
It was worse than bad. What a terrible Bmovie this was.
For those who want to learn belly dancing, buy that movie. There’s plenty of tutorials in.

There are also some really ridiculous blunders: a VHS tape that catches fire after being thrown into boiling water. A teacher who exposes half her buttocks showing a tattoo there. Afterwards she appears to be the belly dancer, but where did that tattoo go?

I had a flashback into the ’80s when you could rent such crap movies by the hundreds at your local VHS rental store.
Better forget about this real quickly

My rating 0/10
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