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After moving to a vineyard to start a new life with her husband, a pregnant woman begins to experience terrifying visions.

Genre : Horror
Country : USA


Isla Fisher : Eveleigh Maddox
Anson Mount : David Maddox
Gillian Jacobs : Sadie

Director : Kevin Greutert

My opinion

Just imagine the following situation. A young couple, Eveleigh (Isla Fisher) and David (Anson Mouth), decides to move and run a rural vineyard (something they’ve always dreamed of). In this way they can escape from hectic life after a tragic car accident Eveleigh was involved in. Also this vineyard has a past, Eveleigh is pregnant and slowly she starts to have strange, disturbing visions. And as icing on the cake there’s also this famous wine critic Helena (Joanna Cassidy) who’s is caught red-handed by Eveleigh while standing in the bedroom in a sort of trance and cranking out some weird sounding spells. My first thought was that I’d see the umpteenth variant of “Rosemary’s Baby“. Immediately all relatives and bystanders were suspicious. Even her husband David could be part of a plot to start some kind of satanic rite, with his wife as a helpless victim. 

Believe me, I was so wrong about that. The final denouement was the complete opposite of what I expected. Maybe there is a glimmer of originality. The run-up to this denouement surely isn’t quite original. The entire range of phenomena that occur in films with a possessed house are used here. So you can expect some appearing and disappearing objects, self-moving objects, exploding bottles and bloody handprints. Of course those paranormal events go up in smoke after Eveleigh frantically tells her story, after which everybody concluded that her hormone levels are playing tricks on her. David tries to convince her to take antidepressants back again. Isla Fisher has her hands full with looking around anxiously and hysterical screaming the whole movie. And of course again there’s no one who believes her.

Obviously not a single actor or actress was familiar to me. Not difficult, I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to television series. The only one I knew was IslaNow you see meFisher and Joanna Cassidy. The performances weren’t so pitifully poor, but it wasn’t impressive either. Actually, it was all a bit average and one-dimensional. Strange but true, the real estate agent was brilliant with his sarcastic tone and comments after browsing through the history of the vineyard, looking for dramatic incidents that could have happened in the past.

Don’t let yourself be dazzled by the movie poster, because it looks spookier than the film itself. I wouldn’t exactly describe “Visions” as horror. It’s more a paranormal thriller that could be used as an episode of the “X-files“. The scarce jump scares aren’t very original and are just eerie because they’ve used those loud sound effects. For me “Visions” is just a mediocre movie. Not bad and not good. Another final product that builds on known elements. A dime a dozen so to speak.

My rating 7/10
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