Kickstarter : Immortal Macabre

A terrifying cinematic event that will scare you, shock you, and make your skin crawl. NO B.S. ==> NOT for the faint of heart!!

Normally I do not do this. But this time I couldn’t resist. Why? Because the enthusiasm of Danny Gosser and Leslie Montgomery is so convincing. And mainly because I am also a real horror fan.
So support their kickstarter program for this upcoming indie-horror.


These are the nightmarish events that a young woman rushes to piece together as her comfortable life rapidly crumbles into bloody fragments. Are these merely random and unconnected dreams, or is this horror part of a hidden tapestry, known only as … IMMORTAL MACABRE.

We are making this film because we love horror.
We’ve packed it full of mystery, suspense, gore, the occult, demonically disquieted deadskis, a batshit crazy old woman, and much more. It’s psychological and it’s darkly hilarious.

Horror is often considered a junk food genre, but for us, we will stand John Carpenter’s THE THING right next to THE GODFATHER as one of the greatest films ever made.

Fear of death is a universal human characteristic and horror allows us to face it, to laugh at the absurdity of it, to share in it, and ultimately accept it. We cannot fucking WAIT to share this picture with you.

Read more about this project here

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