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Slasher Films – A Golden Age Top 20

By, Freddy Fenech Owner of “The Bloody Show”, a website that’s about to disappear. So with his consent, I was allowed to publish some posts I thought were worthy to be saved for the next generation Between 1978 and 1984 a sub-genre of the horror movie entered a gloriously brutal...


My favorite Films of 2019

It’s almost New-Year. That means an annual overview of movies I’ve watched this year. These annual overviews are the result of a number of sortings, well-considered considerations, and some painful decisions while eliminating some films. The result is 3 different lists. And yes, this is, of course, my own personal...


24-Hour Horror Movie Marathon

WILD EYE 24-HOUR MARATHON ANNOUNCED! Wild Eye Releasing, a growing leader in independent cinema since 2008, in association with Midnight Monster Movies are hosting a day of splastastic, fantastic horror fun as they host a marathon of some of Wild Eye’s most popular releases. The event, being held at the...