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John McClane is now almost a full-blown alcoholic and is suspended from the NYPD. But when a bomb goes off in the Bonwit Teller Department Store the police go insane trying to figure out what’s going on. Soon, a man named Simon calls and asks for McClane. Simon tells Inspector Walter Cobb that McClane is going to play a game called “Simon Says”. He says that McClane is going to do the tasks he assigns him. If not, he’ll blow off another bomb. With the help of a Harlem electrician, John McClane must race all over New York trying to figure out the frustrating puzzles that the crafty terrorist gives him. But when a bomb goes off in a subway station right by the Federal Reserve things start to get heated up.

: Action
Country : USA

Cast :
Bruce Willis : John McClane
Samuel L. Jackson : Zeus Carver
Jeremy Irons : Simon Gruber

Director :
John McTiernan

My opinion on “Die hard with a vengeance”

After the unsurpassed parts I and II of the series “Die Hard“, this part was released in which McClane needed to be assisted by Samuel L. Jackson, the chameleon of Hollywood. I think he’s a class actor as he demonstrates from “Pulp Fiction” to “Django Unchained“. Give that man a role, and he makes something epic out of it. Ditto in “Die Hard with a Vengeance“. He plays the nervous Zeus, jumping up over and over again when he notices something discriminatory. The chemistry between these two characters was a guarantee for firework in action scenes and dialogues.

I thought “Die Hard with a Vengeance” was far better than part two, both in action as in the humor used. Also Jeremy Irons was a lot better as a villain. There was something psychotic, threatening and unpredictable about him.  
The expression on his face changed suddenly from full of anger into a face as if Bruce Willis just told a good joke. Masterful.

The game being played to mask the ultimate goal, was brilliant. The action scenes are finger-licking exciting and thrilling. 

Unfortunately the next two sections are dreadful. What a disappointment!

My rating 8/10
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