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Sawney, a religious psychopathic killer drives a devilish Black Cab, stalking the towns and cities, abducting unholy souls for his communion of sacrifices. His insane family of inbred killers Judd and Jake, use their agility to wreak slaughter and havoc among their victims, who are then dragged to Sawney’s lair in the hills, where they are raped, tortured and cannibalised.

Genre : HorrorSawney: Flesh of Man
: UK

Cast :
David Hayman : Sawney Bean
Samuel Feeney : Hamish MacDonald
Jean-Paul Jesstiece : Judd
Will Sutton : Jake

Director :
Ricky Wood

Alternative title : Lord of Darkness

My opinion

Without much expectations I started watching this movie and I must say in the end I was somewhat surprised. Indeed it’s an acceptable horror-slaughter movie but it’s not necessary for me to see it again.

Sawney: Flesh of Man
There were no thrills and there’s no sign of any excitement. It was as bloody as what you see lying in the window of the local butcher. Also frights are hard to find. The chicken made ​​an effort, but that was just a long shot. The torture scenes are only limited to some cutting and biting. And I suppose there was a rape. I had read a couple of times on IMDB that this movie wasn’t for “the faint hearted”. Honestly, if this movie is a bit to much for you, then I suppose you’ll faint when seeing a nosebleed, because this was really so meager. There was some cannibalism, but this was limited to the squeezing of a type of blood drip into a wine glass, after which it was consumed, and biting into either a still living specimen either in a severed piece of meaningless quivering flesh.
Sawney: Flesh of Man
Sawney” was a faint duplicate of Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“, without a fleshly mask, assisted by two by inbreeding deformed Ninja Turtles who tumble around all the time and do some jobs here and there. And then there is a sort of “Mother” locked up who must be fed constantly with meaty chunks and limbs covered with a nice bloody sauce.
Sawney: Flesh of Man
It may sound rather disappointing and droopy, but I still enjoyed watching this movie. It looked pretty real sometimes and it wasn’t that abominably bad. Samuel Feeney gave a convincing performance as the hard liquor boozing journalist and David Hayman was a convincing Catholic butcher. The religious bias I found amusing (“body and blood of Christ” philosophy). I really wished that the plot twist wouldn’t be the one I had in mind, but eventually it was anyway. Bit sad because it was a little bland.

My rating 5/10
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