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A family’s journey toward a better life is interrupted by an unstable man of the cloth.

Genre : HorrorNothing Left to Fear

Cast :
Clancy Brown : Kingsman
Anne Heche : Wendy
Jennifer Stone : Mary

Director :
Anthony Leonardi III

My opinion

Typical horror movie with a typical story.

This movie is about the frequently used item of a community where an ancient ritual manifests itself regularly and a new family that settles there becomes the victim. A priest, his wife and three children are moving into their new home in a small village in the middle of the U.S.. Daughter Rebecca attracts the most attention. Quite normal since she’s a beautiful young teenager. The unfolding of the dark secret is painfully slow and preceded by what seems to be evolving into a teenage love story.

Nothing Left to Fear

Finally we come to know that there is a gate opened and the residents should sacrifice someone so the gate is closed again. The family is sacrificed and Rebecca remains as “The chosen one”. There were some positive points in this movie. The family always felt like a real family. The process of Mary’s possession and the implementation was well developed. The faltering movement of the possessed sister reminded me of “The Ring“. The way Mary sometimes stood there staring as if she was in a trance and then slowly looked up, emphasized that feeling. The way the black mass continuously spun itself over the floors, walls and buildings, was visually highly developed.

Nothing Left to Fear

The negative points were the lack of explanation about the demon that appears and the inertia of the entire film. But if you look at the final tiny content of the entire movie, it’s normal that it was that slow. All in all it was certainly a meritorious attempt and I’ve enjoyed watching it. Although there wasn’t much tension in it and absolutely no scares. At least for me there wasn’t !

My rating 5/10
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