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A British expedition formed by the lead researcher Jonathan Marchant, his assistant, a doctor and a TV crew, travels to Congo to seek evidence of a dinosaur. A local guide and the helicopter pilot join the team and the group heads to the jungle. During their trip, they find a stowaway in the helicopter, the son of Jonathan. Soon the helicopter is attacked by flying creatures and crashes in the jungle in the beginning of the last journey of Jonathan Marchant and his team.

Genre : Adventure/SFThe Dinosaur Project
: UK

Cast :
Richard Dillane : Jonathan Marchant
Matt Kane : Luke Marchant
Peter Brooke : Charlie Rutherford
Aasif Mandvi : Mr Chetty

Director :
Sid Bennett

My opinion

Dino’s Candid Camera

Found footage movies … I’ll never be a big fan of that. Those back and forth wobbling images all the time. The blurry image that goes into focus just to create the illusion someone is fiddling with the camera. And always that beeping sound of the camera. The latter was heard frequently in this movie.

The Dinosaur Project
Besides those annoyements the movie wasn’t that baffling poor (Not like “Dinoshark” I’ve recently seen). At times I found the dinosaurs convincingly and brilliantly portrayed. Especially when the three small Ceratosaurussen were splashing in the water and started spewing water around as a joke. Personally I thought this was the best moment in this movie.

The Dinosaur Project

The performances on the other hand were sometimes laughable and terribly amateurish. Some things were incredible and ludicrous. Feeding a Cerataurus Smarties … yeah right. And then it becomes almost a cute puppy sitting on your lap, that also has the brains to use his stinking spit as a protection against the scary big mommy and daddy, so they won’t hurt you …. hehehehe. Of course, the drifting boat was accidentally sucked into that cave. And repairing a satellite phone with a little tweezer while walking in the middle of the jungle … give that boy a Nobel Prize.

The Dinosaur Project

A movie for in between … but no way it can be compared with “Jurasic Park” when it’s about the dinosaurs. And when you talk about found-footage-movie, then surely don’t compare it with “The Blair Witch Project“. Unfortunately Natasha Loring disappeared real soon out of the picture, because she looked very appetizing in her tropical suit. I bet that’s what the dinosaur suddenly thought : “njammie fresh meat ….”

My rating 3/10
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