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After being robbed of a week’s take, small-time pot dealer David is forced by his boss to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. In order to improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks the broke stripper Rose and two local teenagers to join him and pretend they’re on a family holiday.

Genre : ComedyWe're the Millers

Cast :
Jason Sudeikis : David Burke
Jennifer Aniston : Rose O’Reilly
Emma Roberts : Casey Mathis
Will Poulter : Kenny Rossmore

Director :
Rawson Marshall Thurber

My opinion

You can buy a house and run away from it.”

We’re the Millers” fits perfectly with the rest of the comedies (“Pain & Gain“, “The Internship” and “The Heat“) I’ve seen. I expected it would be a relaxing evening watching a movie after a stressful week. Finally maybe a flick that would make me laugh uncontrollably. Unfortunately, as with the other films, there was not much to laugh about.

We're the Millers
Overall it was a fun movie with some witty one-liners and funny situations, but this was too much overshadowed by quite vulgar and downright ridiculous conversations. Average entertainment content with sometimes a feeling that the scriptwriters wanted to make it tremendously easy for themselves by using hackneyed gags that have already been used several times in other films. Cheesy sexual insinuating conversations seem funny to most people (and usually I’m amused by it too). So it’s understandable it’s commonly used in comedies, but you shouldn’t overdo it! If you have used another insinuation to the concept of “penis” (and related activities), it becomes more boring than funny. It was a “Meet the Fockers” imitation, but with the “Brady Bunch” family. I always find it strange anyway if I have to laugh more with the bloopers in the credits than the film itself.
We're the Millers
Well you can’t blame the cast. Most of them played their character masterfully. The name Jason Sudeikis didn’t ring a bell immediately, but he also had a small role in “Movie 43“. And sorry, but that movie is cataloged by me as the most crappy movie ever produced. But no worries because here he plays a starring role with a perfect timing. Jennifer Anniston will never be able to shake off the inheritance from “Friends“. Although in this movie she almost managed not to look like “When-I-am-extremely-mad-I-start-to-jump-on-my-feet” Rachel. And fellows, she’s doing a breathtaking strip act here as well. You’ll see that she’s still extremely sensual with some imaginative curves. I can’t understand why Brad left her and exchanged her for “big lips” Jolie. Emma Roberts wasn’t the funny part of the artificial family, but that suited the character more.
We're the Millers
Now for the persons that stand out. In the first place Will Poulter. This guy had some hilarious moments and mastered a brilliant mimic. My favorite moment (and the first thing I had to chuckle about) is the TLC moment with “Chasing Waterfalls”. If it was according to the script he did a brilliant job. But if this was a sudden inspiration and improvisation, then I call the man a genius. For me, the savior of this film. Without the nerdy, dry and “stupid looking around him” Kenny this would be a totally meaningless film. And in the second place Mark L. Young as Scottie P. A negligible role, but so hilarious and stupid. They should have put these scenes in the run of the film and then continued on this momentum.
We're the Millers

And now the most annoying roles. First there’s Kathryn Hahn, who made me think of Kitty Forman who played the mum from “That 70’s Show”. She was getting on my nerves with that hyper kinetic cooing. And  I would love to hit Ed Helms a few times with that ice sculpture and feed him to his killer whale. What an annoying brat he was.
And I want to mention Molly C. Quinn quickly because of her magical appearance.

We're the Millers
A film with no surprises and a predictable development, with strong and funny moments, but generally a bland content. It was however slightly better than most of the crap that I have seen lately.

My rating 4/10
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