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A teenage boy’s descent into the dangerous world of the Internet and the harrowing consequences of his actions. A true story.

Genre : Drama/ThrillerUwantme2killhim?
Country : UK


Jamie Blackley : Mark
Toby Regbo : John
Joanne Froggatt : Inspector Sarah Clayton

Andrew Douglas

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“Why did you stab your friend?
For the greater good.
I’m a hero.”

Uwantme2killhim?” is based once again on true events. And yet afterwards I doubted whether this was indeed a true story, because this mysterious and quite ingeniously put together story seemed unlikely. In retrospect this ought to be a film adaptation of a real life situation in 2003 in Manchester. In fact, I just can’t tell anything about this film because it would reveal too much. It’s a clever devised scheme and again it shows the dangers and the dark side of the internet. The world wide web (and the used applications in those days) was still in its infancy. It looked a bit primitive and nobody really worried about security. Neither did Mark (Jamie Blackley) who used an MSN-stylish chat program on a daily base where he had a sort of cyber-relationship with Rachel (Jamie Winstone). The judge in this case expressed it as follows : “Skilled writers of fiction would struggle to conjure up a plot such as that which arises here“. And this statement is really not exaggerated. You can safely describe it as the most perfect staged suicide.

Mark virtually lost his heart to Rachel, someone he has never met before and whose home situation isn’t too rosy. Mark however is Mr. Popular at school: charming, smooth, handsome and intelligent. He’s such a teenager with whom everyone wants to be friends and all girls fall in love with. This in contrast to John (Toby Regbo), Rachel’s brother, who’s constantly bullied and also looks like a meager, pathetic and timid boy. At the insistence of Rachel, Mark extends his umbrella over John and gradually a strange relationship grows between the two teenagers. The moment Rachel disappears and John comes around with the statement that she was killed by her boyfriend Kevin (Mingus Johnston), Mark is determined to take revenge. And then MI5 appears on the scene in the person of Janet (Liz White) who asks Mark to stay away from Kevin and also claims that Mark is suited to be a secret agent.

The two protagonists left an undeniable, impressive impression. Blackley and Regbo fit perfectly in their roles. Blackley as the ever popular and determined teenager who’s out for revenge. And Regbo as the pathetic outcast who’s unable to maintain social contacts (except probably anonymous on the internet). He reminded me of Toby from Harry Potter. That same sad look. Two opposites that fit perfectly together: the tough one opposite the weakling who needs to be protected for others and especially himself. Although the story seems impossible, Douglas manages to make a fascinating film. This thanks to the pursued pace and the use of flashbacks.

Uwantme2killhim?” is, despite its being set in the corny era in the history of the internet, still relevant and shows the consequences of using internet without parental supervision (now I sound old-fashioned) and how an individual can be moved to commit ill deeds in a shrewd and manipulative way. It’s not quality cinema, but intriguing enough with a surprising denouement. In conclusion you can say it’s something frightening and worrying that can happen in the glory days of todays social networking.


My rating 6/10
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  1. John Smistad says:

    Gonna have to scope it out here, mate-good on ya 4 this review, yeah?

  2. Thx and hope you enjoy reading and discovering some unknown movies (it's not only blockbusters I watch). Spread the word I would say 🙂

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