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Alex, a mysterious thief, is pulled in by her former partner for one last heist. She quickly finds it was never just about the diamonds. A brutal murder sparks a cat and mouse chase between Alex and a master assassin. Now she must uncover the lies behind the heist and discover the secrets behind the men who have made her a target.

Genre : Action
Country : South Africa/USA


Olga Kurylenko : Alex Farraday
James Purefoy : Mr. Washington
Morgan Freeman :Senator

Director : Stephen S. Campenelli

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“Nobody saw your face and I shot that dumb prick.
So if I get popped, I go down for the job and a murder.”

Momentum” is a swirling, action-packed crime film, supplemented with a political intrigue and a professional female fighting machine who causes quite some damage on her opponents. This is once again another spectacular action film, you’ll remember nothing of after a while. How they succeeded in enrolling Morgan Freeman for such a minor part, is a mystery to me. However, his cooperation was no guarantee this would result in a masterful and memorable film. His contribution is virtually nil. Hopefully Freeman won’t end up in a Willis-Cage situation. That would certainly be a sad thing for such a talented actor.  

Alex (Olga Kurylenko) is a female thief who commits a bank robbery with her companions in South Africa (in “Tron” looking, futuristic costumes). The robbery ends in a fiasco after one of the gang members freaks out, gets murdered and Alex’s identity is being revealed. What they didn’t know was that there’s a USB stick among the captured diamonds. This flashcard is pretty valuable for an American, corrupt senator (Morgan Freeman), who sends a series of assassins, led by Mr. Washington (James Purefoy), after them. They liquidate anyone that comes in their way and who isn’t willing to corporate in their search for this item.

Momentum” is a no-frills film with a series of well choreographed scenes that follow one another at breathtaking speed. An entertaining film, with a female action hero in the leading role, that you can watch in a mind-to-zero state. This due to the lack of any logic (the car driving backwards in the garage was completely ridiculous). The ending feels unsatisfying and is clearly a step towards a sequel. I guess we’ll be waiting for that endlessly, because this film wasn’t really successful. It’s not truly memorable. The only thing I can remember vividly, is that Kurylenko is blessed with a heavenly looking butt and that it’s repeatedly shown here. Her expression, however, is almost identical to her perky and beautiful buttocks. Impassive and tight, that is. The only one who really amused himself in this film was Purefoy. His performance as the fierce, cold-blooded Mr. Washington, who still finds time to make a funny remark during ice-cold liquidations, was at certain moments (Uh yeah) quite magnificent. The interaction between the two opponents was fascinating.

So if you feel like watching a fast-paced, thrilling action movie, “Momentum” will provide some momentary amusement. It’s packed with fight sequences, chases and lots of bullets flying around, while Kurylenko wriggles her athletic body every which way to avoid hem. A superficial film just to forget about a rainy day.

My rating 4/10
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