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Sarah and Josh are married suburbanites. After a car accident, Sarah suffers blackouts. As her life spirals she hides a camera in her home and unlocks a horrific secret with far-reaching consequences.

Genre : Horror/Mystery
Country : USA

Cast : 
Katie Walder : Sarah
Nathan Keyes : Dale
Matt Passmore : Josh

Director : Paul Leyden

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Why would God give a Christlike gift tot the very Devil  himself …

Come back to me” is an indie horror with a fascinating and original basic idea, but the repetitive nature in the middle was a bit to much. The opening scene, where you’re witnessing domestic violence with a rather bloody ending, was a masterful move by the creators of this strange film. The change of scenery, from the murder scene in Reno to a sleeping suburb in Las Vegas, was rather abrupt and confusing. But later in the film, you’ll know that the seemingly emotionless boy from Reno is the same person who lives in that quiet suburb and lives opposite Josh (Matt Passmore) and Sarah (Katie Walder). His name is Dale (Nathan Keyes). A strange behaving, concluded guy who acts pretty retarded and exhibits a kind of fascination for Sarah at the first encounter.

Josh and Sarah are an attractive, young couple. Josh is croupier in a casino. Sarah studies at an unknown university and works on a thesis about the influence of pornography. Still one specific problem hampers their relationship. Sarah’s desire to have children isn’t actually fulfilled. In fact, if you look at Josh’s reaction, it seems as if he isn’t really enthusiastic about it. When Sarah is being hounded by terrifying nightmares, after which she awakens in an entirely different location with sometimes strange injury and not knowing how she ended up there, and she gets blessed with an immaculate conception, everything becomes a bit of a mess. Sarah is convinced there’s something fishy going on and she decides to install a camera system in her house. In this way she tries to figure out what’s causing these hellish nightmare.

The cover of this film isn’t really impressive, so to say. And certainly not frightening. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much. A typical horror with stalker elements, I thought to myself. Ultimately, at first sight it seems not to be really special at all. But believe me, the phenomenon Sarah has to deal with, is quite a unique find. Granted, there are more movies with a weird, creepy neighbor or a lovely lady who receives nocturnal visits of unsavory characters. But I’ve never encountered such a phenomenon, that disturbs Sarah’s sleep, in any other horror. The film contains the necessary tension and suspense. Plus there’s this supernatural skill added to the story. And those surveillance cameras created an atmosphere which made me think of “Paranormal Activity” immediately. By the way, that’s not one of my favorite movies.

Katie Walder is not only pleasing to the eye. She also manages to play a proper role. A vivacious and sexy blonde, whose daily rhythm gets screwed up because of some realistic, nightmarish dreams. The end-result is a hysterical and helpless young lady. It’s not Oscar worthy, but it’s convincing. Matt Passmore’s part is limited and not so overwhelming. But that has more to do with the script than the person. The most memorable interpretation is provided by Nathan Keyes. Without a problem he turns into the strange and creepy Dale. Perhaps all this sounds a bit vague and superficial. But that’s because “Come back to me” is such a type of film where it’s best you know as little as possible about it. Let me just say that the excellent performances, the creepy and dark atmosphere, the haunting music and surely highly surprising (and in a certain way also most hilarious) end, turned this probably unknown film into an entertaining discovery. Definitely worth to give it a try.

My rating 7/10
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