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  1. Dave Tyerson says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. I felt like this movie was a thought-provoking beautiful little indie. I felt like it had some twists, especially the ending. I think you nit-picked it a little too much- perhaps overanalyzed it. The acting was very realistic- I felt like we were just hanging with these two guys all night, experiencing what they experience. The writing, directing and the cinematography are top notch. This film is way better than more than half the indie films I come across on Netflix, and for less the budget.

    • admin says:

      I totally agree about the acting part. That’s why I wrote “The performances of both the leading actors was of such high level”. And yes, at times the cinematography was way better than the budget allowed. But scriptwise it wasn’t such a highflyer. And I watch more indie than healthy for me 🙂 To be honest “Bottom of the world” and “My father die” for instance I thought were much better. But still that’s a personal opinion.

  2. Cliff Tynes says:

    You really missed the mark. This movie deserves way more than 2 stars. The directing was excellent, as was the camerawork. I saw it at a packed house in New York. This director is one to watch out for – and his new film looks even better than this one. Seriously, this got better reviews from even seasoned critics. You’re just some guy with a silly website.

    • admin says:

      Indeed a silly guy. Perhaps a silly website. But it’s an honest opinion. Guess you didn’t read it completely though. I thought the leading actors were magnificent and the made images generally look really professional. But storywise it was meaningless. Oh well, it’s just an opinion. Nothing life threatening 🙂 Had I rated it with 4 stars, I bet you’d say I’m an expert when it’s about movies. But someone else would say I’m a dumbo because he thought it was a crappy movie …. An endless debate. I’ll survice 🙂

  3. Cliff Tynes says:

    The fact that you use emojis doesn’t even make sense. Matter-of-fact, it makes me feel like you are just young and dumb. And YES- you did miss the point. The film had a great storyline. I work in the world of independent cinema, I see garbage movies all the time. This isn’t a garbage movie, it deserves more credit than you are giving it. The fact that it wracked up numerous awards, picked up distribution and that 7 top critics on IMDb- way better known than you’ll ever be all gave it great reviews- proves my point. END OF STORY.

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