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  1. Greg Klepper says:

    Thanks for the review! Much appreciated 🙂


Noah does exist, there is a shot when she checks on him in bed, and he is there, fully visible, safe and sound.

    I thought the twist was fairly straightforward. It was a conspiracy similar to Les Diaboliques, in which the villains of the film are manipulating Katie’s actions, through fear, panic, phone calls, and the works.


You’ll notice once Noah goes missing, there is no moment where Katie is anywhere in that house by accident. Every action is a reaction, getting her to move from room to room, getting her fingerprints on the knife, having the hair ripped from her head in a struggle with a masked assailant. All evidence constructed through an intricate plot against an unstable Katie, the patsy. Once that was done, Catherine Wallace would inherit her late son Charlie’s fortune, a fortune Noah was the heir to, without having to do the deed herself. 

    RE: what happened to Noah. Katie finds Noah’s body in the barn towards the end of the film. She drops down and cries his name, as she drops the knife, and hovers over his body, before standing back up, quaking in fear with her hands covered in his blood. It was my decision to not show the body of a child, but I didn’t think it would lead to any confusion. 

    Now whether or not Mrs. Wallace was responsible for her son death, and the alternate possibility, that Katie is actually psychotic, and hallucinating the final showdown from her cell as an attempt to absolve her of her guilt, are both intentionally left open to interpretation.

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