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Let’s Thrill the Night away.


Fancy a suspenseful evening in front of the TV? One where you notice afterward that all your fingernails were nibbled down to the fingertips because of the nerve-racking and persistent tension? Well, then you are in the right place at Netflix because their offer is quite extensive and varies from psychological thrillers to thrillers with a mysterious context. So something for everyone. And for some probably hard to make a choice.Well, don’t panic. Let me give you a few suggestions so that you can get started right away.

It goes without saying that you could make it yourself easy and choose one of the familiar-sounding movie names. It’s a matter of playing it safe. And there are a few that are worth a look. Such as “The Da Vinci Code”, based on a book written by Dan Brown, in which the widely acclaimed Tom Hanks takes on the role of Robert Langdon, a professor of religious symbology. A controversial film about a mysterious murder in the Louvre museum in Paris, after which a quest for the famous Holy Grail starts.


The Da vinci Code


Eroticism and suspense. A perfect match.

Or “Basic Instinct” with the famous Sharon Stone scene. A legendary film moment where lots of VCRs were paused so to finally reveal that other mystery. A top film with a top cast directed by top director Paul Verhoeven. An exciting neo-noir thriller, full of eroticism and explicit violence scenes. In short, a “must-see” movie.


Basic Instinct


A more recent flick.

Or opt for the more recent film “Now you See me” in which a group of magicians pull off bank heists during their performances. Maybe the illusions were a bit exaggerated. But they are all magnificent spectacles and masterfully visualized. And the humorous part is guaranteed thanks to the presence of Woody Harrelson. No, it will never be a classic, but for an evening of movie fun, this one is still recommended.


Now you See me


A few hidden surprises

But to my surprise, there are also some movies at Netflix in the Thrillers section I didn’t expect to find there. And of course, a discussion will arise about whether or not these films belong in this section. Let me say these are the more quirky films that did surprise me in the past.

For example, there’s “Bottom of the World”. Many will dismiss this film as nonsense full of symbolism and metaphysical states. A film that seems difficult to fathom. And yet I thought this was a fascinating film. Just give it a try. You might be overwhelmed by it.


Bottom of the world


Superhero thriller.

I also saw “iBoy” while scrolling through the offered films. A British film that’s difficult to classify. It’s actually a mix of different genres. Indeed, it’s of a high thriller level. But you can also call it an SF or a kind of superhero movie. But admit it. The fact that an iPhone shot to pieces causes the main character to suddenly have superhuman powers, sounds fairly intriguing.




Spanish weirdness.

And let me conclude with the Spanish production “El Hoyo” (aka “The Platform”). A temporary hype on the Netflix platform. A bizarre movie with a bizarre story. And one with a socially critical message. It may be under the section “Psychological Thriller” but in my opinion, it can also be called mysterious. It could even be said that it’s close to the horror genre. A film that leaves you with an oppressive feeling.


El Hoyo

So, the range of thrillers that Netflix offers nowadays is wide and varied.
From solid milestones to quirky (and relatively unknown) films. In short. Something for everyone

Additional movie information:

The Da Vinci Code
Basic Instinct
Now you see Me
Bottom of the World
El Hoyo

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