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All Tommy Wick has to do is deliver a “Package” to a rival crime lord, nicknamed ‘The German’. It seems like a routine job, until another gang tries to hijack the precious cargo and Tommy has to fight every inch of the way to deliver it safely. The problem is, the “Package” isn’t what Tommy was led to believe, and now he’s in even deeper than he ever thought possible…

Genre : ActionThe Package

Cast :
Steve Austin : Tommy Wick
Dolph Lundgren : The German
Darren Shahlavi : Devon

Director :
Jesse V. Johnson

My opinion

A rather moderate B-movie. They made action movies like this in the 80′ with the dozen. I think nowadays it’s a new hype to gather all the old action heroes who are thinking about their retirement plan allready in a movie (Other examples are “Expendables” and “The Last stand“). Dolf Lundgren still speaks as slow as a snail and Steve Austin still looks like a walking wardrobe, Louis XIV style or so. The action was sometimes very fake and the story with the blood type was far-fetched and unbelievable. Like Dolf  said: “The chance of finding a match is almost non-existent …” but accidentally Steve is in the neighborhood. And they know each other from the past … what a coincidence.

The Package
An unfortunate spectacle and probably the last feats of arms in cinematic terms of both gentlemen!

PS. I’ve always wanted to know how the mechanism of a bowling alley worked in reality. At least something I’ve learned of this movie !

My rating 3/10
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