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Billy and Sarah, two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles, travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend’s inheritance. The two teens, haunted by their own dubious pasts while pursuing their scam, wind up in a nightmare of greed and betrayal when confronted with the twisted and bizarre underworld of Tremo.Rushlights

Genre : Crime/Drama/Romance
Country: USA

Josh Henderson : Billy
Haley Webb : Sarah
Beau Bridges : Sherif Brogden

Antoni Stutz

My opinion

“Sooner or later, I’m gonna nail your maggot ass to the wall.”

Rush Lights” is a mediocre movie and for once the design and interpretation are not really the weak point. The storyline however is terribly simplistic and looks like a regular TV serie. Often it seemed like I was watching an old episode of “Matlock” or “Columbus” cause it was so average and uninspiring almost the whole movie. Then the unbelievable coincidences started to appear at a furious pace. I was just waiting for the next nonsense that they came up with.


The performances and the displayed images need no criticism. The town Tremo is a small village in the middle of nowhere in Texas. It’s a dusty place and it seems as if time stood still there. You can still look at the horizon while standing somewhere on a hill and when you’re standing at the wrong place where at that moment an old Buick or Cadillac is speeding away, you can be sure that weeks later the sand is still gritting your teeth. So visually it looks acceptable.


The fact that they managed to incorporate Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn is a positive thing.There is no doubt about the experience that both gentlemen have, given their huge list of films on their resumé. They are also the only two compelling actors and stand their ground in this crooked story. Josh Henderson as Bill isn’t out of place in this movie. As I said earlier, it looks more like an episode of some TV series. And that’s exactly the kind of thing he has a lot of experience in. Usually, his acting was fine but at times it was quite hesitant and faintly. Haley Webb acting as Sarah, didn’t thrill me that much. She looks absolutely stunning (besides the fact that she has such a weird crooked smile sometimes) but sometimes has a tendency to over-act. Despite their limited experience in feature films, they do ensure that their characters look credible.

Where does this movie actually fail? It’s the storyline, the conduct and that stupid ending that screws up the overwhelmingly positive feeling I had about this movie. The initial setup is actually average. Billy and Sarah meet and start a relationship. It goes terribly wrong when a friend of Sarah dies from an overdose. It’s a bizarre coincidence they look like twins and Billy comes with the brilliant idea to use that benefit and cash an inheritance of the deceased. After arriving in Tremo it turns out this is not so easy and some secrets from the past start to reveal themselves. And from then on it’s just a series of astonishing facts.


Lets start with a little summary of some ridiculous things :  
– To receive a plain simple post package here in Belgium I need to show my ID. So I’m pretty sure there is a bit more needed concerning an inheritance then just a quick check of the ID by a lawyer. And especially when it comes to an inheritance involving a significant value of real estate.
– The family lawyer turns out to be closer to the family than he expected.
Ignorant as he was in all those years, he can understand the whole thing by simply reading a letter from the deceased rich man and recognizing the handwriting of his mother. And in a magical moment the plot is very very clear to him. 

– While Sarah and Billy are passionately kissing, a shotgun falls down on the floor, goes off and miraculously hits an unknown person standing behind the window. 
– A burglar loses in a clumsy way a DVD with compromising material on it. The recordings show that the rich guy had some kind of gay relationship with his bastard son (This part wasn’t made that clear in the movie)
– Billy is looking in the yellow pages for another lawyer for a consultation.
Turns out to be the lawyer the rich guy visited to change his will. What a
– A dealer is chasing the two lovebirds to collect his money. At first he kind of get killed. I was sure about that after seeing the cloth he’s wrapped in, completely soaked with blood. He’s thrown in the trunk of the car and then still appears at the end to claim once again his money. But then the  unfortunate fellow suffers a heart attack. Isn’t life a bitch ?


Probably there are even more of those facts that can be added to the list. So concerning the content it feels a bit plain and it seems as if they had a lot of ideas and possibilities after a brainstorm session and put them all in this movie. Too bad, because ultimately the visual part wasn’t that bad.

My rating 4/10
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