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  1. Clyne could be the Sherlock Holmes of Techno-Thrillers. His character is based around a core narrative concept where an investigator gets thrust into an extraordinary situation and uses their single weapon – that is a keen scientific mind – to both investigate and find a solution to the problem. On the surface, the movie threatens to be yet another reel with great graphics (and oh boy, they were Great) with a predicteable plot, but it offers just enough for it to be worth the watch. The fact that the beginning scene only sought to ground the character rather than end up being a cliche Chekov s Gun, the fact that the resolution wasn t necessarily up to military might and a last boss battle, but a moral solution that is only a band aid in the long scheme of things, really endeared this movie to me. It s an extremely slim hope, and I might be blown away by the amazing military tech and vfx that was paraded around, but I m confident that Clyne could make a great character to build something upon. I really feel that his story isn t over, whether he returns to making the newest technologies for the world, there are plenty of military horrors that could emerge that could require his unique genius and unflinching in the face of danger. I am about 43 minutes into the movie, where they find some children in a factory. And they start speaking a very bad Romanian with Moldavian accent. I had to rewind, I must ve heard wrong. No, I was right. I do not know if it was an editing error or the translator was on crack. Must be both, since one of the translators asks the kids some questions, the children answer, the Sargent asks the translator to ask them what she already asked, and she replies with total opposite what the children already answered. Being that was filmed in Hungary, while the action is supposed to happen in Moldavia (the old Russian Moldova), it is understandable. The cast, I know quite a few of them. Free trip to Europe was the motivation for this ? I wasn t looking for an Oscar nomination performance, but come on! And since when Moldavia has the resources to create super dung? Sri Lanka would ve been more plausible. If it wasn t on Netflix, I d ask for my money back. How much does a translator make a year?

    • admin says:

      As far as I can remember, those kids spoke Slovene. My wife is from Slovenia and she confirmed it. Maybe that’s the confusion 🙂

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