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  1. Sunny says:

    Watching it the first time in my home-cinema I feel kind of bisected. I love some shots with modern camera-angles, some design, the new born aggressive creatures fight in the fields; I like that the main-character got not much screentime, because I dont like her face and how scott tries to copy ripley; I like the mythic star wars scene when fassbender shows up the second time; the explaination of thousands of dead people on the planet and the trashy endfight… I dont like the bad cgi space-ships and the overal cheap looking pictures in space. the copy and paste from prometheus with the stereo-type alien-food-characters and the over the top fassbender at the end when the stuff with elisebeth and his secret was revealed. – But THE SECOND view with a friend brings all the other bad thins out: it begins with EVENT HORIZON, followed by PREDATORS, PROMETHEUS, 2010 and much other movies. It feels like Scott and his team says: “hey, this will be a cool scene – lets do it! and after that we add this cool scene! and after that…” etc. – the movie does not feel round to me and has so much b-movie content in writing. visials are ok to stunning and you can watch it ones. But with the second time it reveals his weaknesses and falls behind Prometheus at all… 2,5 out 5

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