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  1. Louis Riehm says:

    One aspect of the film that seems to be overlooked, or ignored, is not the attraction the woman has for the fish creature, but the perversity of it. Why is this? We don’t want to muddy the water with discussions of sexual perversity, and fetishes, and therefore detract from the ‘love’ story? Sure it’s fiction, but no woman is going to become sexually aroused, or overly affectionate, towards a fish. It would just make douching that much more of a chore.

  1. 28 January 2019

    […] So, all in all, it is nothing more than an average film. No, it’s not the kind of film that makes you very enthusiastic. And no, it isn’t so bad that it should be ignored at all time. If you ever come across it on one or another television channel, you should give it a chance. “Mermaid’s song” is definitely worth a look. The film itself dates from 2015, but only surfaced again last year via “Video On Demand” services. Weird. Does it seem as if they are trying to benefit from the success of “The shape of water“? […]

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