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Several months after witnessing a murder, residents of Tower Block 31 find themselves being picked off by a sniper, pitting those lucky enough to be alive into a battle for survival.

Genre : ThrillerTower Block
: UK

Cast :
Sheridan Smith : Becky
Jack O’Conell : Kurtis

Director :
James Nunn,Ronnie Thompson

My opinion

Actually I expected a movie with lots of suspense and a somewhat sadistic overtone, but in terms of brutality it was quite disappointing. Things looked promising at the start with the presentation of all the tenants. A colorful companionship. Becky (Sheridan Smith) is a typical English blonde that radiated an unprecedented sensitivity and eroticism the way she was walking around in that wife-beater (in which here female forms played an important role) and Kurtis (Jack O’Connell) was from the beginning an irritating brat but evolved into a starring role: hard, big mouth and sometimes surprisingly funny. Brilliant role in other words. The rest of the company was filler and cannon fodder.

Tower Block
The story on its own was dead simple and meaningless. A group of tenants who lived on the same floor and refused to leave the premises were gunned down one by one by a sniper. (An H & K Semi Automatic, it seems). Sometimes it was pretty realistic, but most of the times it was only pitiful and you could clearly see that this was a low-budget movie from the UK. The responses were sometimes downright ridiculous. For instance an occupant is blown away by a booby trap. First there is horror and panic about this situation. The next thing you see the victim simply being carried away with the blunt reply: “We put him next to his girlfriend“. Also the moment Kurtis gets a solid punch of Neville and a crushing kick in his Easter eggs by Becky, I was like : “Why didn’t the dummies acted like that already sooner and taught that blackmailer a lesson”. It was really amateurish.
Tower Block
Conclusion :  a movie that, despite the lack of budget, sometimes still entertains with funny conversations and some exciting situations, but with an incredibly faint end. Ephemeral entertainment!

My rating 5/10
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