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  1. Seth says:

    ‪It’s always interesting hearing what others think about Alita Battle Angel. Personally I loved it and it seems like you enjoyed it a bit as well. Though maybe not as much as me. I do have some things I’d like to bring up about your review however. Particularly regarding the story because we seem to have opposite thoughts about this. Firstly, I’m curious as to what you thought was cheesy about the father daughter relationship between ido and alita? I agree that the romance was cheesy (by design though, they’re portraying love between two young and inexperienced people which always seems cheesy to me) but I didn’t feel that way with ido and alita. I noticed also that you mentioned hating sequels and the need for a sequel seemed to be one of your bigger issues with the movie. Honestly that’s all fine and fair, some sequels truly suck. I’m not going to try to tell you to love sequels or anything. In my experience however it’s usually when sequels are made without a source material to go from or when they’re made just as a cash grab on a popular franchise. In the case of alita, sequels are necessary to tell the story right. There is simply too much story to tell it all in one movie. It would be like trying to tell all of Lord of The Rings or Star Wars in one movie. It just wouldn’t work. No one was upset when fellowship of the ring came out and needed sequels to finish the story. As for the things like the fall and the floating cities not being explained or explored, that kind of falls back on my previous point. Personally, I really don’t think you need any of those details in the movie to enjoy the story. Plus trying to add all that into a movie that’s already being criticized for having too much going on would have only hindered the story more in the end. They didn’t go into depth about the robots that use people for batteries in the first matrix but it didn’t prevent people from being able to enjoy the movie. This also gives things to explore in further possible installments. The final point I’d like to make is that this movie is an adaptation from a Japanese comic book (manga). One that was done very faithfully to the source material. It’s important to remember that Japanese storytelling is very different than Western storytelling. They tend to leave a lot unexplained in the beginning and slowly reveal them throughout the entire story. This is a big part of why the movie went the way it did. We’re more used to super hero comics here in the states which have a very different story structure compared to most manga. It was good to read your thoughts though and‬ I hope you find this comment informative.l and not offensive.

    • admin says:

      Offensive? Quite the opposite. You don’t know how delighted I was while reading this. To be honest, you’re the first one ever who takes the time to comment and do this in a constructive and thorough way. You have my eternal gratitude for that 🙂 Now let me answer to your remarks. First the cheesy father-daughter issue. Maybe the word cheesy is wrong. I can’t explain it exactly but maybe I hoped it would be a kind of relationship between a scientist and a cyborg as in “Ex Machina” and not a heartbroken father who wants to recreate his daughter. Though, this part was a minor issue and didn’t bother me. Second the sequel part. Yep, I hate sequels. Maybe that’s because of the huge amount of crappy sequels that are made in the last years. Especially when I think of the super-hero universe. They tend to release sequels without any creativity or new angles. It’s always the same. And yes, there are sequels that are worthwhile and even fantastic. For instance The Lord of the Rings, which I enjoyed enormously. On the other hand, I thought “The Hobbit” was absolutely catastrophic. Surfing on the wave of fame after TLOTR. And yes, I’m a noob when it’s about Asian storytelling and movies. “Asian movies” is something I avoid. Not because they are bad (they are mostly more creative than Western moviemakers) but because of the language. And maybe sequels are necessary for this kind of stories. So the story can be told thoroughly. As you stated. They made once the same mistake with “Death Note”. Tried to cram the whole manga-story in one movie. Well, I was planning to watch the sequel (if they make it) for “Alita” anyway. And once again, thanks for the comment. I’m going to frame this one 🙂

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