A little bit about myself ……



I’m Peter.
Born in 1966.
And living in Belgium.

I’ve been married to Veronika for 10 years already.
And together we have two lovely kids , Karolien and Filip










And guess what ….. I’m a big movie-fan. Who could have guessed that!
As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the medium film. And the number of movies I’ve seen till now, is even unknown to me.

It was my wife’s idea to start a blog to share my opinions about movies I’ve seen.
Brilliant idea, but I’m sure she’s sorry for bringing it up, since I spend lot of my free time here.

Regularly I’ll be posting new reviews.
I know I’m just one of the zillion other blogs about movies.
And I’m not Roger Ebert. Far from.

So, just a small remark,
a suggestion
or correction (since my English isn’t that perfect)
would be nice.

Hope you’ll find something interesting to read.