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  1. I found Transcendence far more interesting than you did. I think it subtely asked the question about whether AIs would be good or bad for humanity in the future, without taking sides. I don't think we are ever sure of the motivations of the scientist/AI, and how much of his humanity was transferred to the computer. And I think you might have misread the ending, it was the military that uploaded a virus to destroy the AI which also wiped out all the rest of the technology. The AI did not send man back in the pre-tech times, the military virus did. The main point of interest for me was it is the first movie that has tackled the soon to be upon us technological singularity, where AIs programming nanotechnology and genetic enginneering will drastically change everything.

  2. I didn't misunderstand the fact that the uploaded virus was the cause of the total collaps of technology and the reason for the total blackout so a keyboard's only use is now to clamp a door.

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  4. Wow, a big thank you for these words. Believe me, this motivates me as well 🙂

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