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  1. Marc says:

    There´s a lot o symbolism and analogies.
    Its a turning wheel, it going to happen all over again
    and this might be the females creatures plan all along.
    Watchers: Intelligence is BEhind the eye of the beholder.

  2. stroft says:


    It became horror for me when I saw Friends love child.

  3. Louis Riehm says:

    Looks interesting. Makes me think of ‘The Shape of Water’.

  4. Moviewhore says:

    This movie was stupid and gross. Very little plot. I guess Hollyweird wants to soften you to the idea of beatiality with a baby cross breed added in too omfg. An electric school clock in this “colonial lighthouse. No thought of anything realistic whatsoever. Endless ammo endless booze, huge amounts of sticks to sharpen not a tree in site. Seemingly volcanic island yet no volcano to be seen. Underwater shipwreck dynamite found with a “colonial pressure diving suit’ too much. Faceless masses of killed “toads”. Oh wait, toads live on land… they didn’t even get that right. Hollywood snowflake dimwits made this. Negative 3 stars

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