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  1. KC Johnson says:

    This was a badly written movie. The concept ideas were interesting, but the actual logic of the movie was just bad. Three quarters of the way through I just gave up on watching the movie because of too many B.S. moments. The actors were great for the movie and I was expecting a lot more logic to the characters. Throughout the movie you would expect the characters to be smarter, but everyone along the way just kept acting dumber and dumber. This stupidity made the plot predictable as soon as it was told his friends were going into witness protection. If this was the case, these guys wouldn’t be so laid back the night before as if they were not going anywhere. And it just keeps getting dumber still. First target had a huge house and only 1 security guard and NO staff in his entire place? No one even watching security cameras? And the one guy isn’t even inside the building but out front???? Not realistic at all. The guy takes the girls phones but allows them to walk around the house as they like??? Horrible realism. And the security guard begins attacking the girl, but doesn’t run to his bosses aid first or hunts down the guy that somehow choked him out? Way to confusing. The second guy was supposed to be a bad ass. After dislocating Grady’s arm Grady should have been in horrible pain if he never felt pain before. He should have been barely conscious. Secondly, if he was being choked and he was so smart about boxing and detecting weaknesses, he should have just punched Grady in the balls. He couldn’t have defended himself, and choking him with barely an arm would have been nearly impossible, especially somehow breaking his neck. B.S. I gave up watching it after that. What should have been a cool movie to watch turned out to be a totalaly

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