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The Wall
Posted in Thriller, War
4 April 2018

The Wall (2017)

Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them. Genre : War/Thriller Country…

Posted in Drama, Thriller
3 April 2018

47 Meters Down (2017)

Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than…

Jack Goes Home
Posted in Drama, Thriller
26 March 2018

Jack goes home (2016)

After his father is killed in a car crash, Jack travels home to Colorado to help nurse his mother (who…

Personal Shopper
Posted in Drama, Mystery
22 March 2018

Personal shopper (2016)

A personal shopper in Paris refuses to leave the city until she makes contact with her twin brother who previously…

Posted in Drama, Thriller
20 March 2018

Marrowbone (2017)

A young man and his three younger siblings, who have kept secret the death of their beloved mother in order…

Posted in Crime, Drama
12 February 2018

Suburbicon (2017)

In the bosom of Suburbicon, a family-centred, all-white utopia of manicured lawns and friendly locals, a simmering tension is brewing,…

Brawl in Cell Block 99
Posted in Crime
24 January 2018

Brawl in cell block 99 (2017)

A former boxer-turned-drug runner lands in a prison battleground after a deal gets deadly. Genre : Crime/Drama Country : USA…

Death Note
Posted in Fantasy
22 January 2018

Death Note (2017)

A high school student named Light Turner discovers a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name…

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Posted in Crime, Drama
8 January 2018

Film Review : Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

A mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter’s murder when they fail to catch the culprit. Genre…

The Glass Castle
Posted in Drama
20 December 2017

The Glass Castle (2017)

A young girl comes of age in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads with a mother who’s an eccentric artist…

Man Down
Posted in Drama
30 November 2017

Man down (2015)

In a post-apocalyptic America, former U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer searches desperately for the whereabouts of his son, accompanied by his…

A Family Man
Posted in Drama
26 November 2017

A family man (2016)

“A family man” is about a headhunter whose life revolves around closing deals in a a survival-of-the-fittest boiler room, battles…

The Book Of Henry
Posted in Drama, Thriller
29 September 2017

The book of Henry (2017)

With instructions from her genius son’s carefully crafted notebook, a single mother sets out to rescue a young girl from…

Bad frank
Posted in Thriller
14 August 2017

Bad Frank (2017)

Frank Pierce leads a seemingly normal life, but when a disturbing past reemerges & something precious is taken from him,…

Posted in Drama
4 July 2017

The White King (2016)

Djata is a care-free 12-year-old growing up in a brutal dictatorship shut off from the outside world. When the government…

Posted in Drama
1 June 2017

The ticket (2016)

A blind man who regains his vision finds himself becoming metaphorically blinded by his obsession for the superficial. Genre :…

Posted in Drama
28 May 2017

Solitary (2015)

Party-girl Nora drinks too much, can’t hold down a job and pushes away everyone she loves. After her long-suffering boyfriend…

Posted in Drama
8 May 2017

Aftermath (2017)

Two strangers’ lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash. Inspired by actual events, “Afthermath” tells a story…

Posted in Drama
10 April 2017

Collateral Beauty (2016)

When a successful New York advertising executive suffers a great tragedy, he retreats from life. While his concerned friends try…

Posted in Drama, Indie Review
5 April 2017

Hold me (2016)

Hold Me is the story of Hannah, a woman whose job it is to hold and console people who are…

Posted in Drama
18 March 2017

Shovel Buddies (2016)

Jimmy’s best friend Sammy has died of leukemia, leaving behind one final wish: ensure his body is buried in his…

Posted in Drama, War
13 March 2017

Alone in Berlin (2016)

Berlin, 1940. Working class couple Otto and Anna Quangel receive the news that their only son has lost his life…

Posted in Drama
6 March 2017

Animals (2014)

This movie tells the story of Jude and Bobbie: a young couple that exist somewhere between homelessness and the fantasy…

Posted in Drama
26 February 2017

The River Thief (2016)

Diz is a reckless teenage drifter living life on the run. Abandoned by his parents as a child, he looks…

Posted in Drama, Fantasy
30 January 2017

A Monster Calls (2016)

The monster does not come walking often. This time it comes to Connor, and it asks for the one thing…

Posted in Drama
5 January 2017

The whole truth (2016)

Defense attorney Richard Ramsay takes on a personal case when he swears to his widowed friend, Loretta Lassiter, that he…